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Project Omnec’s Oasis

Target: Manifestation of Omnec’s Oasis

Place of Meeting: Lebensraum-Garten, 78355 Hohenfels-Liggersdorf, Germany

Date of Meeting: September 28, 2013

Participants: Omnec Onec, Anja CR Schäfer, Axel Scholz (1st half), Claudia Müller, Wolfgang Schrader, Ursula Rehmann, Heide Walle (1st half), Rainer Elbe, Daniela Kaim, Roland Kaim, Claudia Bischof

Contents of Meeting:

  • Introduction
  • Reading of the vision/concept description
  • mutual visualizing and meditation
  • Sharing of thoughts and ideas
  • Exchange about the next steps to support the manifestation

Results and next steps: The Oasis is a very big project that has its own development dynamic. Every positive thought and every visualization supports the realization. From an outside perspective, it seems to be slow until the project takes concretes shapes. Even though in some peoples’s eyes the project may not be more than a nice dream, the invisible manifestation powers are strong – at least this is what we are convinced of.

The next steps that Omnec and I wrote down before the first meeting are still valid. You are welcome to read them here in the invitation to the first Oasis Meeting.

The following activities are ongoing or announced for 2014: 

  • This new Omnec’s Oasis Website develops.
  • Axel Scholz wants to create a powerpoint presentation about the Oasis Project.
  • An architect contacted us and mentioned that she would draw sketches.
  • In fall 2014, the second Omnec’s Oasis Meeting will take place – again with Omnec Onec.

Afterthoughts and Brainstorm-Notes after the first Oasis Meeting

After our first Oasis Meeting, Omnec and I exchanged our thoughts intensely and developed some new ideas that complement the vision:

  • The Rules of the Oasis property (a list with rules hangs at some specific, clearly visible places)
  • Smoking only in designated areas. Inside smoking only allowed in the Celebration House (the Celebration House is a new idea.)
  • Drinking and eating only in specified or private areas.
  • The whole area shall be treated like a nature resort.
  • “Respect the surroundings” – The surroundings have to be respected.
  • This belongs to all of us, so that it can grow and thrive.
  • Everything has to be done with love.
  • Parents have to control their kids. No running and screaming in the houses – also to avoid accidents with others
  • Conflicts or disagreements between patrons, staff or any individuals has to take place in the conflict room (new idea) which is located in the basement/cellar. The conflict room can also be used for a time-out for children. „Ask the staff!“
  • Overseers for the Oasis, Oasis Staff “Oasis Guardians”. All over the Oasis there are guardians (among others to support guests with advice and to take care for the gardens). They shall wear light blue T-Shirts or Pullovers with imprints. Front side: Oasis Crew Member, underneath the Logo – back side: angel with wings

 Additional Houses

  • Arts and Craftsbuilding
  • Community House for Celebrations / Celebration House

Additional Room

  • Conflict Room (in brown/red/grey colors „the ugly room“, in the cellar of the main building by the furnace room

Special Garden Area for Nature Spirits

  • Special Elemental Spirits Garden area with little houses, fairies, Heinzelmännchen figures to honor these little beings, little bridges, cute little things.
  • Only walk on certain areas
  • Permanent stuff, so that it stays in every weather

Omnec and Anja, September 2013

The second Omnec’s Oasis Meeting will take place in fall 2014. You are welcome to join us.