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Project: Omnec’s Oasis

Target: Manifestation of Omnec’s Oasis

Place of meeting: Lebensraum-Garten, 78355 Hohenfels-Liggersdorf, Southern Germany near Lake Constance

Date and time: October 4, 2014, 2 p.m.

Participants: Omnec Onec, Anja CR Schäfer, Wolfgang Schrader and Ursula Rehmann from the Lebensraum-Garten, where the meeting took place – all other participants see photo. Teilnehmer2.Oasis-Treffen


2 p.m.    Beginning. Mantra MANA 9-times

2.15 p.m.     Introduction round

  • Who are you? Where do you come from? Why did you come today?
  • Omnec and Anja introduce themselves

3 p.m.     Premiere of Axel‘s Oasis presentation! Axel also participated last year at the first meeting and promised to create a presentation! It was his idea that I (Anja) shall speak freely about the Oasis concept, to send him this recording as well as some photos and drawings of the concept. For the music, Axel asked Ananda Vdovic for her permission to use this very nice background music. This video presentation has a length of 21 minutes. There is a lot of information included, which can help to get a good feeling for the project Omnec‘s Oasis. We are very pleased with this successful presentation! Thank you, Axel!!

Omnec’s Oasis Video-Presentation (German. The English version will be created as soon as we have the translation. Your help with the translation is very welcome):

  •  Anja gives copies of the updated concept drawing (it is extended with some buildings), so that everyone can easily visualize what we have in mind.



3.30 p.m.     break

3.45 p.m.     Open discussion about the Oasis-Concept

5 p.m.     break

5.30 p.m.     Mantra KALA 6-times to bring the group together again after the break.

We listen to the ideas of all participants. Last round:

  • Would somebody like to make new sketches or drawings based on the existing concept? For example, different perspectives of the grounds, interiour drawings based on the concept description.
  • Do you have concrete ideas of what you could contribute for the next steps towards the realization of the Oasis?
  • What kind of legal form shall the Oasis best have? A foundation, a non-profit association, are there other options?
  • Would somebody like to help with the Oasis-Website, for example with translations from German into English?
  • Further ideas and suggestions

7.30 p.m.     Dinner in the restaurant Hindelwanger Adler, Tel. 07771 2378, Tuttlinger Str. 45, 78333 Stockach, Germany

The following activities are currently running or have been announced for 2015:

  • The Oasis next meeting will be held on January 24, 2015 after already 4 months (and not after one year again). However, this time without Omnec Onec, since she will be in the USA at this time.
  • We have already exchanged all the email addresses of all participants.
  • Creation of more  concrete concept drawings. Anyone who feels inspired here is invited to create drawings based on our concept. (eg, interiors of houses, exterior views from different perspectives, complete planning, etc.)
  • Establishment of an association (hopefully – we are currently working out which legal structure fits best for the Oasis and whether a foundation would be an option as well). If the time is right, we may establish the association at this next meeting on 24 January 2015.
  • Almost all participants want active members of this association and support it with a financial contribution which is still to be defined.
  • Amelie and Axel draw up plans for a playground. The playground consists of at least three areas for three age groups: for the little ones, for the about 8-14 years old ones and for the teenagers. It shall be located nearby the animal area.

All participants promised to send love and light into the heart of the project and to thereby support the further steps on the way to the manifestation of Omnec’s Oasis. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!


Anja CR Schäfer, October 2014