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Questions and Answers

Basic information about the project Omnec's Oasis
What is Omnec's Oasis?

Omnec’s Oasis is “The Vision of a Place in Harmony with the Universe.”

The ‘Oasis Project’ does not represent a certain religion or teaching, but encompasses all believes and cultures. The ‘Oasis’ is a place which carries the spiritual headlines ‘You are not judged here’ and ‘Unconditional Love’. Places like this will be needed due to the transformation of our societies.” Omnec Onec

Read Omnec’s Oasis Concept Description: The Vision | The Grounds | The Realization

Who is Omnec Onec?

Omnec Onec is a spiritual teacher and the author of the autobiography “From Venus I Came” in which she describes the life on the astral level of Venus. According to Omnec, the planet Venus long time ago went through an evolutionary process which was very similar to the one that our Earth with its inhabitants is currently going through as well. In her lectures and workshops, Omnec spoke a lot about the current Transformation Process of the Earth. The manifested Oasis shall be a part of our new Earth, an Earth that vibrates in a higher consciousness and where all human beings exist in harmony with life, nature, and other worlds.

Omnec Onec’s Website contains much information about Omnec Onec.

Where does the name 'Omnec's Oasis' come from?

The original idea was to simply call this project “The Oasis”. As Omnec Onec got the idea for this place in the beginning of the Ninetees and due to her origin and spiritual background, we decided to officially name this project “Omnec’s Oasis”.

This has nothing to do with adulation or with creating a cult or religion – on the contrary. The naming is to distinguish “our” Oasis from other places on Earth that also contain the term “oasis” in their names, for example hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, stores, a music band and so on.

Colloquially, we are talking about “The Oasis”. “Omnec’s Oasis” is the official term for this project and place.

Where shall the Oasis be?

Our vision is that the Oasis could be realized in Southern Germany near in the Lake Constance area or in the USA.

How shall the Oasis be financed?

Everything that exists once was the thought of somebody. Everything one can imagine, is reality or will be reality, because every thought by nature aims for consolidation and manifestation. Therefore, we believe that the Oasis will be realized on Earth. The Oasis is the result of combined efforts working in harmony with each other. Everybody who supports the Oasis, be it by positive thinking, by physical contribution or work or by contributing financial means, is equally important. In the concept description (The Realization) is written “No person alone could ever create the Oasis, even if the financial means were available.”

We believe that the financial means will come when the time is right. Possibly one day somebody will be drawn to this project who has the means available and who feels the inner wish to use them in order to help manifesting the Oasis Project. However, this is not going to happen before the time is not right for all people involved.

The realization of such a big visionary project with all its contens does not only require money, but in the first place people who want it. Additionally it has to be found out where and under which conditions the Oasis can be realized, for we are still living in our old system and have to build a bridge to the still existing rules, laws and structures, so that the high energies can find their path to the physical.

How can I participate?

Help visualizing

Every positive thought, every visualization that you can hold in your mind strongly helps to manifest Omnec’s Oasis.

Support with know-how and experiences

Are you an architect, illustrator, computer specialist, politician, econimist, financial expert, attorney, or do you have experiences with life in a spiritual center? Do you have know-how on non-profit projects or organizations? Would you like to offer concrete organizational or other help to realize the Oasis Project? If you can imagine to participate, please contact us. However, please consider that currently all meetings are still taking place in southern Germany in German language.

Sponsoring of Omnec’s Oasis

If you would like to support the Oasis Project financially, please contact us or use the below mentioned account information. Really awesome are regular payments (even if it’s only 1 or 10 Euros monthly). We use the money to make the Oasis project better known (PR activities, flyers, lectures, videos, illustrations) and to support our own efforts concerning time, finances, and energy, for example this website, organisation, communication, etc. If you want to be an official sponsor, we can publish your name or/and your company on this website.

If you are seriously able and interested in helping and want to meet me for a personal conversation, we can make arrangements.

Anja Schaefer, Omnec’s Oasis Project Management, Deutwanger Str. 21, 78355 Hohenfels, Germany, Telefon +49 (0)7775 938668


Bank Account:
Anja Schaefer Omnec’s Oasis
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