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Project Omnec's Oasis

Concept Description Part 1: The Vision

Project Oasis – The VisionProjekt Oasis - Die Vision

The Oasis is a place in complete harmony with nature.

In the Oasis, people may live, work and stay as long as they’d like. The Oasis is open

24 hours a day for visitors and people in need of a place to rest and recover.

In the Oasis, peace and calmness rule as a natural state. There are also a variety of events taking place on a regular basis. Everything here is voluntary, but there are some simple rules and guidelines.

The Oasis is a place of balanced giving and taking. Every visitor, guest and inhabitant contributes in whatever way is possible and comfortable for them. The inner order of the Oasis is maintained through the natural intuition of the people there and through meetings of the people who are living there and wish to take part. In these meetings, all points are discussed which are to be addressed, as well as important decisions made.

In the Oasis, the “Communication of the Heart” is relied upon. That means, every person may speak what is on their mind while the others listen.

A central theme of the Oasis is “You are not judged here”. Love and acceptance replace judgement and criticism.

The foundation of the Oasis is the Earth itself. Life in the Oasis pulses in harmony with the Earth and is protected and supported by it. The care and maintenance of the Oasis is also in harmony with nature.

The place as a whole offers room for peace, healing, creativity, and learning.

The gardens are full of beauty and are used for the planting and cultivation of fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The core of the Oasis are people who are living naturally and in harmony with the ideals upon which the Oasis is based. All subjects concerning the daily life in the Oasis are directed by this core. No matter what question emerges, it is discussed by the core; that means the heart of the Oasis is asked, just as every individual in the Oasis asks their own heart for guidance. For those who don’t ask the heart for guidance first, it is possible they may therefore not feel comfortable at the Oasis for any extended time, due to a lack of overall resonance.

The heart of the Oasis is a powerful energy that is in harmony with the Earth and the movement of our solar system. This place is a safe place in the holistic sense, in that it grows and develops in accordance with the nature of the times.

The essence of the Oasis is its harmonious energy in which healing, happiness, and peace can be.

The Oasis is built on an acupuncture point of the Earth’s surface. Other places like this already exist, are being built right now, and with more to come in the future. All these places of peace, healing, and harmony are connected along the Earth’s meridians. In this way, a powerful net of protection is built which also stabilizes the Earth while helping to raise its vibrations.

Project Omnec's Oasis - The Grounds