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Project Omnec's Oasis

Concept Description Part 3: The Realization

Project Oasis – The Realization


The realization of the Oasis is possible.

According to the motto “Imagination is the key to creation,” everything can be realized that one can imagine.

The Oasis is a place of the heart and of peace. It emerges through the power of imagination of many peaceful hearts. The attention of the people who love this place enable it to become reality.

No person alone could ever create the Oasis, even if the financial means were available. The Oasis is a project that results from combined energies and efforts. All the people who dream of this place, who long for this place, who wish for this place, send their energy into the heart of the Oasis. Out of the heart this project grows and gathers to it the necessary material. In this way the Oasis is grounded and realized. It is literally created and takes root naturally.

The spirit of the Oasis exists as a vision of planet Earth itself. The Earth is a beautiful planet that lovingly supports all life forms. The Earth is longing for peace and appreciation through its citizens. The development and being of places like the Oasis is wished.

The spirit of the Oasis exists in the ether and is received by numerous people. From here the Oasis finds entrance through the heart.

These people are filled with a vision like this, dream of it, and imagine a place and life which they fill with their joy and energy.

The next step towards realizing this vision is sharing it with other through words and pictures.

It is for this reason that this website was developed.

Step by step the hearts of the people who share this vision are connected and exchange information contributing to its further growth and development.

The heart of the Oasis collects more and more energy and starts to pulse in resonance with the Earth and therefore continues to grow.

Somewhere, sometime the Oasis is real, lives on the Earth in the physical dimension and is connected with other places of this kind.

This net contributes to the development of Earth towards a light and loving vibration that is harmonious with the Universe.

Project Omnec's Oasis - The History