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The History of Omnec's Oasis


1992: Omnec Onec’s original Oasis inspiration


Omnec Onec

The following information is from Omnec personally. She wrote it down to share with us the circumstances when she got the idea about the “Oasis” for the first time:

In 1992, Omnec visited the Hancock Building in Chicago with a friend from Germany. They were speaking of Unarius, the Universal Shool in California, where people come to study past life experiences and are preparing a university of extraterrestrial teachings.
Omnec told her friend that she would like to also teach Universal teachings and have such a school. Enjoying their amazing view and their light humurous atmosphere, they thought and talked of ideas and concepts in connection with this spontaneous idea.
Omnec says that her Uncle Odin passed on the following message to her: “Omnec, you will establish such a place for all to share knowledge and receive spiritual truth. You have created it by visualizing this place. It should be a safe place but not identified with the concepts of schools or religions of Earth.”
Then, the word “Oasis” came into Omnec’s mind and she felt such a joy, because she understood that an oasis is almost the same and has such a wonderful meaning. Later, she saw the word “Oasis” everywhere: “Oasis Travel,” Oasis Restaurant,”Oasis Esoteric Store,” etc. Omnec thought she had to think of something else! Then Fubbi and Rebazar [two of her masters] said: “Omnec’s Oasis!”
Omnec said: “What? Why me?”
“Because your teachings are known for truth from the first humans, and they are about Soul, the real essence of life”.
Omnec was excited then and couldn’t wait to share this information with her friend. He said “No, it shall not have your name! How egotistical!”
She said to him: “Yes, Oasis is good”.

Later on, Omnec told her close friends about this idea, and they said: “How will anyone know that it isn’t just a restaurant or store? This place should have your name!”

And then, she started sharing this idea at her workshops.

1999: Anja’s original Oasis inspiration


1999: Photo for my first mailing about the Oasis Project

When I received the idea about the Oasis, I did not know that Omnec already had had the same idea.

I got my first Oasis inspiration in 1999 after I had given up my esoteric bookstore in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. At that time, I had no perspective and only a little bit of money which should last a few months, but I was very cheerful and open for everything. Then, a book fell into my hands and inspired me to write down my ideas about what I would do if I had a limitless amount of money.

Four computer typed pages emerged. I described “The Oasis”, a place, where people share their ideas, live together in harmony and where they live and share true spirituality and unconditional love. I had a photo made so that people know where this letter was coming from, had the four pages copied at a copyshop and sent the letter off to about 100 addresses, actually to ALL addresses I had, to all people I knew. I did not really expect much resonance, but a few people liked my idea a lot. Omnec was one of the addressees. She was in the USA at that time. One evening she called me and was all excited. Happily, she said “That’s MY Oasis!!”

Omnec does not understand everything in German, but at that time a friend from Germany was visiting her, and he helped her to understand my text. So Omnec told me that we share the same vision! And we were both all excited and happy about this coincidence.

In the following years, we tried to establish The Oasis a couple of times, but it was not the right time yet. Our first trials ended one way or the other for various reasons, however, every trial was an important experience and helped us to find out better what works and what does not work. So we simply continue and do our best to share this idea with the people and to work on it’s concrete manifestation. We shall never forget that “Imagination is the Key to Creation.”

2001: Omnec invites all people to participate in the Oasis Project

Omnec’s Oasis invitation from 2001 in her own handwriting

This letter by Omnec is written in the beginning of 2001, when we for the first time informed all people whose addresses were saved in Omnec’s address database at that time.

The Oasis in Omnec’s own words

“I would like to invite all who are interested to contribute to Omnec’s Oasis. It is to be a Spiritual Center not based on a particular teaching but to encompass all.
It will not exclude or support any particular religion, race, or culture but give all a chance to express themselves as an individual or group.
The doors shall always be open – on a 24 hour basis with someone always there to share time ore give you the feeling of acceptance.
You may receive or give from your particular circumstance.
Of course, you will have to contribute either money or time to attend to certain duties to maintain the Oasis.
There will be a music room with instruments and sound system, or you may bring your own musical instrument.
There will be a meditation room and also a place to eat, or drink and smoke. If you need solitude, this is possible.
There will be many types or healings available as well as scheduled topics and workshops. Or course, you may bring sleeping bags or rent a room for sleeping. No reservation necessary.
There will be provided guidelines or ethics which shall be upheld.

The sign over the entrance shall state YOU ARE NOT JUDGED HERE.
Art and sculptures will be displayed or created here also.
Here you can express yourself or share your talents with others. It will be a place of combined efforts belonging to all who wish to contribute.
It is the place of the future supported by co-operation. A place that will stand long after the transformation. A place of love and support and respect of all living entities as the Creator intended.
If you wish to support this or raise funds with a special project it shall be appreciated.
I of course will be there at appointed times.
Thank you for your support of my mission on this planet Earth.
Love and Blessings”

When you click on the image on the right, you can download the three original handwritten pages by Omnec.

2006: The first Oasis-website develops and goes online

Screenshot of the first Oasis website

In 2006, I did a special meditation by CD. During this meditation, the vision about The Oasis strongly came back into my mind, and I promised myself that I would do all that I can to make the information about this idea available, even it is not meant to be that the idea can be materialized as long as I am here. So I decided to make little drawings, write texts and create a small website about this vision.
I went to an adult education center in order to learn as much about webdesign as possible and necessary.

The first Oasis website went online in 2008.

2013: The first official Omnec’s Oasis Meeting takes place

In the course of the years, people keep receiving the information about the Oasis Project and contact us every once in a while to tell us that they share this vision and are interested in somehow participating in the realization.

Before Omnec came back to Germany in 2013 and while I am preparing her 65th birthday party, I got the idea to present the Oasis Project at her birthday and to set a date for the first “official Omnec’s Oasis Meeting”, where every person is invited to come.

This first meeting took place on September 28th, 2013. Omnec and I are very happy that we were able to make a big step towards the realization. The meaningful for us is that we have pretty concrete ideas how to proceed. Therefore we want to discuss the Oasis idea with people and to learn about their possibilities and abilities to help manifesting the Oasis.

One participant for example offered to create an Oasis Powerpoint presentation, which we want to include in the new Oasis website when it is ready.

2014: New Oasis-Website and the second Oasis-Meeting

In March 2014 I am designing the new Oasis Website under the new domain name The reason for this modernization is that this new page is created with the CMS System WordPress and can therefore be expanded and updated much easier than the old page which was written in pure HTML and CSS. We also want to integrate a newsletter-function and RSS Feeds so that all people who are interested in receiving news about the Oasis Project and its development can keep themselves up-to-date much easier.

For fall 2014 a new visit by Omnec in Europe is scheduled. We will then have the second Oasis Meeting.