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Project Omnec's Oasis

Concept Description No. 2: The Grounds

Project Oasis – The GroundsOmnecsOasis_Areal

The place where the Oasis is situated is spacious and open, but comfortable.

The Oasis consists of a main house, a living house, apartments/bungalows, a place for animals and a camping area.

All houses are connected by foot paths which are mostly covered by sand.

Between the houses are gardens and open green spaces.

There is a lake near the camping area. A small river flows close by the living house, the animal house and the bungalows.

In front of the main house there is a large circular patch of grass with flowers surrounding a fountain.

There is a parking area before the entrance to the Oasis property. The Oasis itself remains auto-free. The only cars and big machines in the Oasis are the ones that are necessary for work or transportation purposes.

The Oasis is only accessible to the world of streets in the front. Nature surrounds the Oasis otherwise, including forest, fields, and open space. One can see mountains rising up in the distance.

All the houses are built in an organic style with an emphasis on curves not corners, and this style is continued inside the buildings. In this way, the buildings create a soft and friendly environment. There are also columns and covered areas outside.

The main building of the Oasis is beautiful. Wide gentle steps lead up to the main entrance here. The outside is constructed with columns and invites one to relax and enjoy the view looking out over the round of green and fountain bubbling in the center as well as to feel the peace emanating from the environment.

The entrance is high and rounded. As far as the weather allows it, the doors are open.

There is a big circular mosaic of colored glass above the main entrance door. Above it are letters that convey the meaning of the heart of the Oasis. Underneath is the word Oasis written in the same style of letters. This script used here are thought forms which transcend the meaning of written language.

Inside the Oasis is a round area decorated with plants and water. Above, the space is open with many plants growing, some all the way to the roof. The roof is open but can be closed during cold or wet weather as necessary.

The main house is three stories. On the first floor left is a café/restaurant with an al fresco area. To the right, also opening to the outside, is a business with books and crystals and all kinds of related accessories. Integrated into the business is a large area for reading and relaxing where drinks and fruit are freely available.

To the back from the main entrance area is a larger room with a stage for the presentation of various events and music.

All together the interior of the Oasis is flooded with light, full of wonderful plants, and water bubbles gently all around. There is a sense of peace and lightness. A great staircase sweeps up into the second floor.

There is a open landing full of plants that also allows a view onto the main first floor. It is very open and light. The large plants and trees grow from below on the first floor, right past, and up to the roof.

Here are many “color rooms”. The “color rooms” are variously furnished and each in a different lovely color. For example, there is a purple room, which is completely purple and in which there are magnificent amethysts as well as a few pictures and decorations that go with the purple theme.

Furthermore, there is a blue room, a green room, an orange room, as well as a yellow room, a turquoise room, a pink room and finally the rainbow room. Unfortunately, not all colors and shades can be represented in the physical, so the core has to decide which colors are currently on display.

The color rooms are available for creative and healing purposes but also open for simple enjoyment. All the rooms have some sort of outer access, like a balcony, which usually includes a lovely view.

Another set of beautiful stairs leads up to the top floor and meditation room.

The meditation room is a dome made of white color, glass, and light.

Here the meetings of the core of the Oasis take place, as well as regular meditations. At all other times, this special room is open for the enjoyment of all.

There is a terrace on the roof full of plants and offering many seating areas.

Besides the main entrance, the main house of the Oasis has three other doors in each of the cardinal directions.

To the left and behind the main house one finds the big living house.

On the ground floor of the living house is a kitchen, dining room, an office, and a large walk-in pantry.

In the upper three floors there are numerous rooms, where permanent citizens of the Oasis as well as guests are living.

Behind the big living house are bungalows. The bungalows are round and sitting on stilts.

All rooms and bungalows can be decorated and adjusted to meet the needs of the people living in them.

To the left and the front of the main house, is a garden where food is grown as well as a house and place for animals.

There are a variety of animals that call the Oasis home, and how their living area looks can be changed or adjusted according to needs.

The people communicate with the heart of the animals so that their wishes and needs are met as well as those of the people.

To the right of the main house is a camping house and area on the shore of a small lake. There are many trees.

The camping house contains all the necessities for living in the camping area. This area of the Oasis is available for all those who enjoy living in a tent or camper or otherwise enjoy living close to nature.

The entire Oasis is crisscrossed by footpaths which connect all houses with each other and lead in various directions into nature.

This description of the Oasis represents just one possibility. The picture is not fixed but changeable according to the emotions, thoughts, and actions of the people whose vision its realization reflects.

Project Oasis - The Realization