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All those who are interested in the manifestation of Omnec’s Oasis are cordially invited to attend the second Oasis-Meeting!


“The Fountain” by Ursula Rehmann, inspired by Omnec Onec’s book “From Venus I Came”

Hosts: Omnec Onec, Anja CR Schäfer, Ursula Rehmann and Wolfgang Schrader

Place of Meeting:  Lebensraum-Garten in the Bodensee area in Southern Germany, at Ursula Rehmann & Wolfgang Schrader, Röschberg 114, 78355 Hohenfels-Liggersdorf

Date: Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time: 2 p.m. to approx. 7 p.m.  After the meeting, we go to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Catering: We provide snacks and drinks. For the evening, we reserve a table in a restaurant at the Lake Constance.

Fee: The Oasis-Meeting is for free. We are thankful for a donation for our organizational work and catering in the house.


  • Omnec and Anja present the Oasis Project
  • Ursula and Wolfgang  from the Lebensraum-Garten shortly introduce themselves and their connection to the Oasis
  • Meditation KALA for balancing the energies
  • Introduction of participants
  • Various agenda items, among others: setting up of an association, subjects from the first meeting, website project “Venusian Culture” (working title), etc.
  • Clarification of the next steps to ground the Oasis

Language: Omnec Onec speaks English. Anja CR Schäfer translates into German. The main language of the meeting is German, however, if people attend who don’t speak or understand German, we will take it into account and help.

Application: Required! Please send an email to or call Anja CR Schäfer: +49 0(7775) 93 86 68.

Omnecs Oasis Concept Description

Download PDF Omnecs Oasis Concept Description

You are welcome to read the notes to the first invitation from 2013 and the minutes from this meeting. If you click on the image on the right, you can download the Oasis Concept Description. All of these information are still actual!

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