News Project “Omnec’s Oasis”

On her way to Europe in July 2016, Omnec’s experienced the first energy opening since her stroke in 2009. A lot of energy and new information flew through her and eventually she was able to telepathically communicate with her Uncle Odin (who works in a mothership as a scientist) again.

Concerning the Oasis Project, we received wonderful new information:

Omnec’s Oasis is finished on a higher level!

The Project is finished on a higher level! That means that our visualizations and efforts to manifest this vision as a part of the Transformation Process of the Earth were successful. We don’t have to work on it anymore, we only have to follow our impulses and allow ourselves to be guided to where we feel drawn to.

According to Omnec, now her Uncle Odin and the extraterrestrials who are actively working on the Transformation of the Earth take care for the realization of the Oasis on Earth. It is presumed that the Oasis will manifest in the Lake Constance Area in Southern Germany, but when and how exactly we may now leave up to the higher spiritual forces.

We may relax and receive the rewards for our efforts. There are no Oasis meetings taking place anymore. If people still want to meet, then to simply enjoy time with each other, to meditate, to visualize and to share information. Preserving the positive powers and KNOWING that all is good are essential factors now. We do not want to discuss problems or stress ourselves out, we do not want to give negative information or prophecies any attention anymore. We only want to enjoy the beautiful, harmonious energy of the transformed Earth the way it will be in the future globally by consciously giving attention to the positive only.

Review to the “Venusian Lifestyle Day with Omnec Onec’s Birthday Party”, Germany, August 20, 2016

The event was wonderful and a full success! There were approx. 120 people and as far as I heard so far, everybody was happy and fulfilled.

The location and the single parts of the program on August 20 as well as the food were simply amazing. It was a little weird though that the weather was not as good as we had ordered it – it rained most of the time. In the evening, the clouds did not disappear and we could not experience a sky watch or UFO sighting. Maybe, this would have too much of a good thing…

For Omnec, this event was the last appearance after 6 weeks in Europe. All in all her journey was very intensive this time (due to her energetic opening) and especially on the spiritual level it was very successful, because in Hungary, Holland and Germany the resonance of the people, love and gratitude was simply fantastic.

Omnec considers herself as retired now. She is not personally available for answering questions and there are no travels and public appearances planned.

NEW PROJECT: VENUSIA – Center for Sensual Spirituality

During her last visit in Germany in 2016, Omnec mentioned that she can imagine staying in Europe for longer again in the future. With regard to this thought, I, Anja, received a new vision of a project. Since I was allowed to let go of working on the Oasis Project in the physical, I had room within me for a new idea. This new project is much smaller than the Oasis and easier to manifest. It has the name “VENUSIA – Center for Sensual Spirituality“. There, I also would want to include a private room for Omnec where she may reside as long as she likes when she is in Germany or wherever the center comes into existence. This would give Omnec also the opportunity to meet people and to give talks from a “home base”.

Step 1: VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center

In November 2016, I started with the realization of the VENUSIA Center by opening a massage room. It’s called VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center. On the website you can read the complete vision of the whole VENUSIA Center for Sensual Spirituality.

I am sending you my deepest gratitude and love and I wish you all a wonderful, cheerful and happy time!

Love and Blessings

Anja Schäfer